Glenville NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Glenville is a small town of about 50 square miles in Schenectady County, New York, the county where attorney Randall Kehoe grew up. Since graduatiing from Albany Law School Mr. Kehoe has been practicing traffic and other law (since 1990) and offers some of the most affordable legal fees in the area. For New York speeding tickets and other traffic violations, the fee is usually a flat and final $195. But please call our office to discuss the details of your particular case. You can do this by phone - (518) 465-2211 - or right here on the website using our "Get Started Now" form. Your information remains confidential and we will not use it for any other purpose but to contact you regarding this matter.

Schenectady County DWI Defense

Our firm also defends clients charged with DWI in the Greater Capital District, including Schenectady County. With increased penalties for DWI convictions like the installation and maintenance of an alcohol-interlock device in the offender's personal vehicle, DWI must be handled with great care and expertise. Policies vary by county and District Attorney and Mr. Kehoe is familiar with all the local courts and policies, giving you the experience that will be needed to successfully navigate these precarious cases. Mr. Kehoe also offers some of the most reasonable legal fees in the area, charging a flat $795.00 for most unaggravated DWI cases.

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